Aventine Hill was conceived, like a lot of things we suppose, after a family dinner where more than a couple fine bottles of wine were consumed. The idea was to create a boutique portfolio of intriguing Italian wines we appreciated for their unique characteristics and wanted to share with friends. After several trips to Italy (and more excellent meals), the “hobby” was launched at the end of 2006 with the arrival of our first 20 foot container filled with all sorts of tremendous bounty. The “Oh Sh#% !” moment followed shortly thereafter when we realized we had to create awareness, cultivate interest and actually sell the wines we had searched so hard to find! (I used to have Tocai nightmares due to the seemingly unshrinking mountain of Friulian juice I had naively procured with my first order).

Most of the winemakers were unknown outside of Italy despite their excellent capabilities and their wines had never entered the United States before. The wines are made from estate grown grapes – an attribute we didn’t realize was so unique when we commenced this journey – with a
passion we try to emulate in our sales activities here. The winemakers themselves range from true farmers with the soil embedded in their calloused hands to worldly aristocratic Counts that spare no expense in their efforts.

Our “hobby” is now a growing small business but our dedication remains the same as when we started. We appreciate your interest in Aventine Hill wines and we encourage you to experiment, find what you like, worry less about “fashionable” wines and proper food pairings, and enjoy the gift of grapes! In Vino Veritas!