Caparra e Siciliani

Wines from this producer include: Ciro Rosso DOC 

Region: Calabria

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Caparra & Siciliani Winery

Caparra and Siciliani are two families with an ancient agrarian tradition.  They’ve been producers since the 19th century and in 1963 they decided to establish “Caparra & Siciliani”.  This firm acts exclusively in the sectors of “Cirò and “Cirò Classico” using grapes only from its partners' vineyards, extending over 213 hectares. This modern winery has a capacity of 31000 hectoliters divided into 110 wine vessel distributed on three levels, as well as 150 oak casts. The bottling process and the selection of the grapes is done with precision with the entire process being overseen by Dr. Fabrizio Cuifoli, one of Italy’s best wine experts.

Viticultural Details

This wine is 100% produced from the Gaglioppo grape vine. It is best served at room temperature and the bottle uncorked a few hours before consumption.

Ciro Rosso DOC

Vinification and Maturation

This wine is produced in the traditional way and refined in steel vats.

Tasting Notes

Color: ruby red

Bouquet: intense, a floral taste at first followed by after tones of black cherry.

Flavor: full-bodied, warm and harmonic

Serving Suggestions:  macaroni and gravy, braised meats, seasoned cheese.