Cantine Volpetti

Wine from this producer include: Cesanese 2016 

Region: Lazio

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Cantine Volpetti Winery

 The Cantine Volpetti winery is located in the center of the Colli Albani vineyards.  The Colli Albani vineyards lie on the slopes of the volcanic hills in the south of Rome. Wine production in this area dates back to the Roman Empire.  The Volpetti business started in 1958, making their own quality wines.  The volcanic soil makes it excellent to grow domestic and international grapes producing the finest wines. 

Viticultural Details

The terrain is of volcanic origin and is ideal for this kind of crop as it has excellent drainage and varied exposures.  This was certainly one of the first places in the world to produce wine.  The cultivation techniques used by the winery comply absolutely with the principles of quality winegrowing, respecting the environment and social standards. The vineyard density is 4.00 per hectare, yielding 90q per hectare.


Frascati Superiore DOC

Vinification and Maturation

Cantine Volpetti’s mission as a winery is to produce only quality wines, consequently all grapes are hand-picked, even when a vineyard could be harvested mechanically.  Harvest is begun only when the grapes are deemed perfectly ripe, so the actual dates may vary from year to year, but usually start in about the first week in September, ending in mid-October.  Pressing is performed at constant controlled temperature in modern soft presses that do not tear the skins, thus preserving the fragrance and flavor of the must.  This Frascati Superiore is very drinkable even as early as February-March, but it comes into its own as summer approaches, enhanced by a brief stay in the bottle.

Tasting Notes

Color: light pale straw

Bouquet: soft buttery pear with a hint of citrus and tropical fruits and gentle herbs

Flavor: subtle sweet apple flavor with a soft long dry finish with a touch of mineral crispness

Serving Suggestions:  excellent aperitif, with fish recipes, meat and fish carpaccios, pizza, fresh goat cheese.



Vinification and Maturation

This wine undergoes fermentation for 12-15 days with submerged cap techniques.  The maturation process includes stainless steel, with small passage in wood, and several months in bottles

Tasting Notes

Color:  ruby red   

Bouquet:  complex nose of mature red berries and plus spices

Taste: full-body wine

Serving Suggestions: goes great with grilled meat, roasts, and robust aged cheeses.