Wines from this producer include: Fiano di Avellino 

Region: Campania

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Torricino Winery

The philosophy of this family business is to remain loyal to their own land; the land that has been handed down through generations for their protections of cultural identity. Farm Torricino is located in the landscape of the hills of Tufo.  The name for this business, Torricino, comes from the ancient medieval tower that protects all of Tufo.  This land has been passed down generations and today the Di Marzo family still strongly represents strong men and women bound by love for the land and passion for the cultivation of the vineyard.  Thus, “Farm Torricino” is still successfully running today. The motto this vineyard goes by is, “The first rule in the care of the vineyard.  The Earth is part of your life and owning a small surface has encouraged us to have a close relationship. So we take care of the Earth as our home.”


Viticultural Details

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The vineyards of Torricino are between the ages of six and twenty-five, with a density of a hectare of nearly three thousand strains in younger vineyards.  The farms are Guyot and radial Avellino, replanted on American foot, after the phylloxera invasion.  The grapes are harvested by hand between early October and mid-November.



Fiano di Avellino

Vinification and Maturation

The wine is 100% Fiano di Avellino.  The grapes are picked in the beginning of October.  The vinification process takes place in steel vats where the wine is refined for four months before being bottled.  After the wine is bottled it ages for an additional month.  

Tasting Notes

Color: yellow

Bouquet:  floral, tropical fruits, toasted hazelnuts

Flavor: taste of great aromatic persistence, full, fresh and balanced body.

Serving Suggestions: great as an aperitif, seafood, fish dishes 

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