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Wines from this producer include: Rendola Governo ICT 

Region: Toscana

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Cerester Winery

This winery is located in the very heart of Toscany.  It is located between two of the most significant historical centers of Pisa and Florence.  This winery was developed in 1994 stemming from the experience of three generations.  Cerester specializes in the export bulk and bottled wine all over the world, works in production of wines od different origins, denomination and typology.  All of which guarantee added value to the prestige of the Italian tradition and the great wines that are produced in this vineyard.

Viticultural Details

The "GOVERNO all’uso Toscana” is one of the first wine techniques used in Tuscany and has always given excellent quality wines. This special type of wine making involves a selection of Tuscan grapes, from the oldest vineyards: '80% of the grapes are traditionally vinified, while the thicker skin grapes, the remaining 20%, are left to wither (then added at almost the end of the fermentation).

Rendola Governo IGT

Vinification and Maturation

The "Tuscan use government" is a winemaking technique that has existed since 1300. 80% of the grapes are vinified according to the traditional method while the grapes with the thickest skin (about 20%) are left to wither.The withering reduces the grapes by about 30-35% of their weight due to the evaporation of water; when the grapes are almost at the end of fermentation, the dried grapes are added.During the second fermentation, the wine takes intense aromas of red berry fruits, a full and harmonious taste and an intense color.

Tasting Notes

Color:  intense purple red

Bouquet:  fruity with rich notes of red fruits, chocolate, spices, vanilla, and plums.

Flavor: harmonious and full-bodied.

Serving Suggestions:  good with pasta, meat dishes and cheese.