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Claudio Cipressi

Wines from this producer include: Settevigine Tintilia 

Region: Molise

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Claudio Cipressi Winery–

 Molise is a unique region in Italy with an immense amount of potential.  This beautiful region is largely uncontaminated which is the main reason Claudio Cipressi dominated 16 hecatares with great intelligence.  He has rediscovered the Tintilia vines as well as two other native white grape varsities. Claudio’s method is strictly organic as he has a great respect for the environment.   Each grape is selected by hand and in the wine cellar he uses non invasive methods to process the grapes.  No fruit is added during the aging which keeps the authentic taste of the grapes with every sip.

Viticultural Details

Claudio Cipressi’s territory is located 500 meters above sea level. This uncontaminated region allows for organic growth of the grapes, and overall production of the wines.  The native grape vines he grows now include: 11 Molise Tintilla, 3 Montepulicano, 2 Falanghina and 1 Trebbiano.

Settevigne Tintilia DOP

Vinification and Maturation

Within the first half of October, grapes are picked by hand and put into crates.  The grapes are then lightly pressed then undergo cold maceration for at least 10-12 hours never exceeding 6-8 degrees Celsius.  The grapes are then pressed and the must is left to soak at a low temperature for at lease 12 hours.  Alcoholic fermentation occurs at 18 degrees celcius.

Tasting Notes

Color:  light red color  

Bouquet:  intensely fruity aroma with scents of blackberries, strawberries, and wild berries.

Flavor: dry, smooth zesty, full-bodied taste

Serving Suggestions:   cold cuts, pasta with fish, meat and tomatoes, grilled fish, fish soups