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Picollo Ernesto

Wines from this Producer include: Gavi Del Comune Di Gavi DOCG, Rove Rina

Region: Piemonte

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Picollo Ernesto Winery

Hundreds of years ago, the cultivation of vines with Cortese grapes was started with the production of a good quality white wine.  The “Gavi” wines created were mostly drunk locally but in 1974 the region received the DOC certification and the presence of the wine expanded throughout Italy and foreign wine shops.  The Picollo vineyards have been tended with care by three generations and have modernized the wine cellars without losing any of the traditional qualities. 

Viticultural Details

The vineyards, situated about 260 meters above sea level in Rovereto di Gavi in the Piedmont region, cover 7 hectares with an average of 25-30 year old vines.  The exposition is to the south and the vineyards are cultivated with traditional methods and no herbicides.  The soil is marly and clay based.

Gavi di Gavi DOCG


Vinification and Maturation

After a harvest in September, soft pressing of carefully selected, hand-picked grapes (100% Cortese) creates a delightfully refreshing, fragrant and fruity wine.  A wonderful summer wine from the Piemonte region.

Tasting Notes

Color:  intense straw yellow

Bouquet: flowers, peach and apricot

Flavor:  full and rich taste with aromatic notes and clean finish

Serving Suggestions:  haute cuisine, fish dishes and as an apertif

Rove Rina

Vinification and Maturation

This sparkling wine is created as an adventure by the winemaker using the same fine grapes that make the splendid Gavi.  After a harvest in September, soft pressing of carefully selected, hand-picked grapes (100% Cortese).  The must is transformed into lightly sparkling wine in pressure tanks, using the Charmat method of fermentation over three months.

Tasting Notes

Color:  intense clean yellow with fine bubbles

Bouquet: flowers, peach and apricot, toast

Flavor:  crisp, acidity with fresh fruit lingers delightfully on the mid palate

Serving Suggestions:  aperitif, fritto misto