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About Us

Aventine Hill is one of the famous seven hills that ancient Rome was built upon.  It was a strategic point in controlling trade on the Tiber River and was fully fortified by 1000 AD.  Since then, Aventine Hill housed a cosmopolitan population of workers from the nearby river port and is now an elegant residential part of Rome with a wealth of architectural interest.

 As the heritage of the name suggests, Aventine Hill Importers are the strategic point of distribution for fine Italian wines to appreciative customers and consumers in the United States.  We wanted a name that was uniquely Italian, like our fine wines, that reflects our strategy and focus.

Our goal is to get to know and to introduce you to the people and processes involved in making each of our fine wines; providing a uniquely personal vinicultural experience.  Each of our producers has a story to tell about his craft and how it has evolved and we wish to share with you that pride of accomplishment!

Our logo is handcrafted like all of our wines!  It was unknowingly created by our son when he was in 1st grade art class (circa 2005).  As we began to build our wine business, we came across this piece (I believe it was emblazoned upon a coffee mug or refrigerator magnet), counted the seven colorful “peaks” and knew we had our logo instantly…another important symbol for our family business!